Our Story

The founding partners are:

Jennifer Sierra

Jennifer Sierra is a professional photographer and artist. Her career in photography started over 20 years ago. Jennifer is also a fine art painter, musician and voice over talent. She enjoys cooking in her spare time and has cooked many times with some of the best French Master Chefs in the world. She is also known for her home made skincare creams and soaps. Jennifer, an avid writer/journalist and the Managing Editor for the online newspaper called the Bellevue Dayton Sun (bdsunky.com) where writes and creates video and audio stories for the paper.

Jimmy King

Jimmy King is a professional cinematographer and photographer as well as a successful musician. Jimmy proficiently writes music and has been known to write music for independent films, commercial jingles and original music for his band. Jimmy's music career has been over 30 years in the making and he released an original music album in 2013 titles "1000 Miles From Here". Jimmy tours with a band called The Naked Karate Girls. He is passionate about the cinema and enjoys seeing movies in his spare time.

Jimmy and Jennifer are not only partners in work and creativity, they are partners in life as a married couple. These 2 are a creative dynamo and they constantly swim in ideas. They split their time between Austin, Texas and Cincinnati, Ohio offering their services in both locations, all over the United States and internationally.

They have a creative team of artists that work with them including, 2 graphics artists and animators as well as 2 photographers/videographers.

We have been in business for over 10 years and have over 50 years of media and production experience among our crew.