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by Jennifer Sierra

Click here to view the ad from the Reagan-Bush 1984 campaign.

What made this ad campaign so unusual is the fact that the campaign chose to focus on the positive aspects and accomplishments from Reagan's previous term. There was no opponent bashing. The candidate only  showed up in a small photo at the end and that was the only time his name appeared on the screen in this 1-minute ad. Reagan's name was only said one time during the ad as well. 

Given that Reagan was a former movie star, good speaker, and attractive person, it was also a surprising choice for them to make not putting images and video of him in the ad but instead using Americana images. The risk paid off because Reagan got re-elected for another term.


Tuesday, February 09, 2016
By Jennifer Sierra
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This ad made me cry so hard I was hyperventilating. It is one of the best ad campaigns I have ever seen and completely nails the bond between a person and their pet. I don't want to ruin it for you by saying too much. You simply must watch it. It is a powerful message about organ donation and bonds between souls. There isn't much dialogue in the spot. The video does all the talking. This shows the power of video telling a story. You don't necessarily need voice over, text or dialogue for an ad to be powerful. Sometimes the images or video tell the story best, especially if you can appeal to the viewer's emotions.